• Innovation for parents
  • Innovation is the driving principle behind Canailles Dream. Designing new products that respond to the needs of young parents, while focusing on baby’s safety, comfort and well-being are our constant goals.
  • Our research and development department is constantly exploring new ideas. Listening to our potential clients, observing them, asking questions and responding to their needs and expectations are what we do every day.

Made In France

  • Meets security norms and rules.
  • Support of the French know-how.
  • Closer to the production processes.


Our approach is 100% eco-responsible

  • Polypropylene: recyclable, neutral and inert, it does not pollute the soil, air or ground-water supply. Production is low energy, with no waste, with zero greenhouse-gas emissions and no impact on the ozone layer.
  • Recyclable plastic: 1 ton of recycled plastic = 700 kg (1500 lbs.) of crude oil! Combustion releases only water and carbon dioxide, as opposed to any synthetic chemicals.
  • Our carbon footprint is reduced, particularly thanks to our 100% French manufacturing process.