It all began in 2010, when Alexis Grignon, the inventor of La Multi, became a father. When the family was planning to go on holiday for the first time, the logistics of transporting all the equipment they needed for their baby daughter seemed insurmountable:

“How am I going to get all that into the car?”

He soon realized that he would encounter the same problem with space and being able to bring everything then needed when flying or taking the train, too. The young father did some research to find out if a suitcase that converted into both a bed and a bathtub already existed. But he couldn’t find anything that suited his needs.

As soon as he got back from his holiday, Alexis set to work on the project. A few months later, he quit his job and started this venture; his goal is to invent a product that will change young parents’ lives.  Having trained as an engineer, he enjoyed tinkering with the original idea, adding as many essential functions as the suitcase could hold. The final outcome is a 6-in-1 product: La Multi.

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